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Lenovo S720 Hard/Factory Reset
Lenovo S720 Hard/Factory Reset
Recently my Lenovo S720 phone was locked due to "Too many pattern attempts". Wifi was not enabled so I can't authenticate to unlock it. Also tried few ADB methods to no avail.

I decided to perform a hard reset after many hours spent. For those who wish to do the same thing for whatever reason, you may follow this method:

1) Power off
2) Press Camera button (keep pressing) then press Power button.
-> This will bring the phone to "Meta Mode" (see attached image).
3) Wait 5 seconds until "Factory Mode" (see attached image) menu appears.
-> If factory mode doesn't appear, press volume up/down button.
4) Select "Clear eMMC". Use Volume +/- to move up or down in the menu.
-> Use Back soft button to go back to previous selection.
5) Press Home soft button to initiate hard/factory reset.
-> Phone will reboot automatically after a successful reset.

That's it!

IMPORTANT: Factory reset will totally wipe out your data.

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